While incorporating sustainable practices can aid in marketing from a developer's standpoint, and in operation costs from energy savings, one needs to realize that these practices truly are helping the world's current environmental crisis, and so should always be open to share knowledge.
Sustainability, in a more global sense, will only succeed if we think from a more communal standpoint.
Simply put, sustainable practices and techniques should and must be taught and learned at an even quicker pace than the current situation. Thus, Silpa strives to not just provide its knowledge as an application, but also to spread it through teaching and collaboration.

By conducting technical reviews and workshops, Silpa elevates the knowledge of professionals already in the field, and via LEED® exam preparation Silpa can help those that are not yet involved in sustainability, become involved. We at Silpa use every opportunity to increase our expertise and have already begun alliances with organizations such as the University of Florida.