At Silpa, a whole building approach is undertaken for building projects of any size, type, and function. Silpa helps in verifying that the project is compliant with the required strategies, and provides creative strategies resulting not only in achievement of the desired rating level, but also a reputation as a more unique green building.

With Silpa's understanding of the ins and outs of the LEED® system, efficiency in the project timeline greatly increases - an important factor for any client or developer.
Silpa aims at balancing Energy & Water Useat a very early phase of building design.
In addition to Silpa's technical expertise in building simulation, the Silpa team is extremely versant in the LEED® Certification process. Today, most green buildings are opting to certify themselves using the LEED® certification system, which has become the international standard. Silpa has developed a process integrated into the construction and building simulation timeline that helps facilitate the project in achieving the desired rating level (Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) in an efficient manner.