The explosive growth of sustainable building, and specifically building energy simulation, has left the market desperately searching for technical experts. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the demand for building energy simulation is growing at a disproportionate rate to the number of technical experts entering the market. Dissecting the situation reveals three main problems: Lack of technical expertise and knowledge, no established quality controls and processes, and inflated pricing. The market is asking for a solution, but even the current players in the field are not able to completely satisfy the need.
Silpa's solution is to give the market exactly what it is asking for and more, by pairing Expert
and Quality Driven Controls
Silpa's streamlined processes enable us to handle multiple projects simultaneously with quick turnaround times and very competitive prices. By segregating tasks and quality controls, precision of simulation results are improved, more comprehensive simulations can be run easier, and the end results more accurately represent the implemented energy conservation measures - ultimately aiding the client and getting the most out of their sustainable decisions.
At Silpa, we strive to obtain new knowledge that focuses on green building needs, which will result in new or improved products, processes, systems or services. Our core services are three-fold:
SIMULATE: Computational simulation of building and natural systems to analyze and improve energy efficiency and, in the larger context, sustainability.
FACILITATE: Facilitation of green building certifications.
EDUCATE: Knowledge dissemination through educational workshops & seminars