With the sustainable and energy modeling field being so new, peer review is an invaluable component to ensure a quality product. With this in mind Silpa has partnered up with various experts in the field to create its own in-built peer review system. During the course of each project, there are several checks by these experts to ensure that the end outcome is a quality product for both Silpa and the client.

Silpa's team includes technical-review experts from various technical fields helping ensure a
quality product
The process-based system developed and implemented by Silpa is one of our greatest advantages; it enables simulation results with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency. This system works by breaking down the complicated methodology of simulation into subcomponents, that are easy to control and monitor allowing a much more precise level of review and quality assessment, which is done by Silpa's building simulationists.
An additional service that Silpa provides is energy modeling review. Silpa is able to utilize this process-based system to effectively assess other models and provide quick feedback on accuracy and validity of simulation results.