Shape & Orientation Optimization, Facade Optimization,
Thermal Loads,
Minimized Reliance on Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Characterization
of Energy Use
, Integration of Renewable Energy
Energy simulation is perhaps one of the most useful analyses one can do when designing a green building. Ideally, Silpa starts with the project team at the conceptual stage and provides an analysis at various levels:
BUILDING ENVELOPE DESIGN: Shape & Orientation Optimization, Facade Optimization

When Silpa is involved in the beginning stages of a project, the team is able to quickly assess and suggest any design changes to the building envelope, enabling the client to make informed decisions. At the same time, Silpa is able to take into account value-engineering inputs and work directly with the project team to help manage project cost.
MECHANICAL DESIGN: Minimized Reliance on Mechanical & Electrical Systems, Integration of Renewable Energy

Once the schematic design of the building begins to be solidified, Silpa works alongside with the MEP engineers to aid in analysis of the mechanical design and additional energy conservation measures that can be implemented to provide additional savings. Silpa is able to break down the different components that aid in energy savings, giving MEP engineers an insight into which variables to focus on.