Minimized Reliance on Water, Characterization of water use, Integration of Rainwater harvesting, Graywater Recycling, Low-Flow Fixtures, Stormwater Strategies, water treatment
Silpa addresses how rainwater can be collected and then conveyed to non-portable water systems such as irrigation, toilet flushing, and/or building wash water. These water reuse approaches comprise common and accepted beneficial uses of harvested rainwater.
Runoff characteristics of grass and landscape areas, roads and driveways, and other uncovered paved area are determined and modeled to understand the impacts of current designs and suggested strategies. Additionally, Silpa will help identify the right flush and flow fixtures of achieve the desired savings. The end goal is to minimize reliance on water / portable water, and understand the water use or its characterization.
Such an approach will result in reduced water consumption. Besides, the water balancing approach will aid in achieving LEED® Certification Credits - all water Efficiency credits (WEc1-3), Sustainable Site's Stormwater Quality & Quantity (SSc6.1 & 6.2)