Recently, Silpa's energy modeling service was recognized and elevated to the next level when Nakheel, one of the premier developers in Dubai, contracted Silpa to review the energy modeling work of an internationally reputed architectural firm's energy simulation for their flagship 5.4mil sft project on the Palm Jumeirah
Silpa ensures that there is advanced level of expert knowledge at each stage of our business. The expert knowledge in Silpa is three-fold.
ADVISORY BOARD: Silpa's advisory board comprises of high accomplished professionals in the field of sustainability.
TECHNICAL REVIEW TEAM : The technical review team is comprised of researchers from top-tier universities and other practicing professionals. With building simulation being relatively a new field, peer review is an invaluable component.
TECHNICAL CORE TEAM : Silpa has individuals with several years of experience in both building simulation and sustainability.
Our experience and technical expertise gives us a rare expansive view of high performance strategies and emerging technologies.