Externally, we provide our sustainable services, and internally we excercise our three pillars of sustainability - strengthen the enterprise globally, conduct our business sustainably, and ensure a great working environment for our team.
01 Strengthen the enterprise globally
Sustainability is not just a business that should be limited to one region or hemisphere, and for this reason from its onset, Silpa has had a global perspective with the intent to grow internationally, being a recognized name in all aspects of sustainability.
02 Conduct businesses in sustainability
Foreseeing ourselves as an international corporation, social responsibility is an important concern to Silpa. For this reason, Silpa has taken on the goal of not placing itself in any opportunistic field but rather one that can have a greater impact on our current world.
03 Ensure a great working environment for Silpa team
One cannot have a successful company without a pleasant work environment and content employees. Our goal is not only to please our clients, but also each and every employee at Silpa.

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